Relationship Talk: How to get over a break-up as soon as possible without being heart broken

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Chances are if you’re above the drinking age limit, you’ve probably experienced a break up at some point or the other.vIf you’ve not however, count your blessings. Break ups can be a tough situation to deal with, especially in this age of social media where we’re all not just physically connected, but also in virtual space via one social media account or the other.

This largely means that in a break up situation we not only have to go through the withdrawal process physically, we also have to severe ties online too. By and large though, break ups vary from one person to the other, while some are amicable, others are bitter and drawn out, while there are cases where one party simply makes an unannounced exit from their partner’s life, also known as (aka) “ghosting”.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum one falls, it’s never an easy process to severe emotional ties with anyone.

So, we’ve put together 7 points to guide anyone dealing with such a situation. Check them out.


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