How to Know If Your Partner Had $3x With Someone Else While You Were are not around

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1. Smell its odor: Normally it should have the filthy offensive odor of not having been washed If you smell s’emen or se’xual liquids odor or the pleasant odor of bathing products then it’s up to you [to decide why]…

While I’m at it, the normal offensive odor should be primarily from the offensive odor of urine, slightly salty. S’emen and se’xual liquids odor are slightly fishy odor. Normally when you have the chance, smell [his pe nis] more, lick more, and slowly you will be more familiar with it.

2. Let it [the eja culate] out and look at the color,white means he has eja culated within the past 3 days, yellow means he hasn’t. (Some people say the color will change after time too, you can check yourself.)

3. C0ndom: Check if there is any c*ndom or soap odor.


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