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14 Jan 2017

See This Viral Before/After Pregnancy Photo

Women are trying oo..
9 Jan 2017

She Had This Weird Lump On Her Back For Years, But When The Doctors Cut It… OMG!

People without knowing what actually is going on with their lumps will have them on their body for many years until they seek for medical help. One example for that is one older woman that went to
8 Jan 2017

12 dangerous bedtime habits that you should always avoid!

In this article, we’re going to present you 12 dangerous bedtime habits that must be avoid if you have problems sleeping! – Stop drinking anything before you go to bed! You may need to wake up 2-3
3 Jan 2017

The Miracle Plant That Treats Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis And Other Skin Allergies

Everyone should keep an Aloe Vera plant in their homes as it can treat burns, cuts, and even cancer. Le t us see what can one use this plant for: Make your hair shiny by adding it
3 Jan 2017

Photos: See The Outfit This “14” Year Old Girl Wore To Her Birthday Party (Must See)

According to the Twitter user who shared the photo and wished her Cousin Sada  James a happy birthday,  According to her her cousin sada is celebrating her 14th year Birthday. Some sources are saying the Girl is
31 Dec 2016

Guys, What Will You Do If You Catch Your Wife Doing To Your Mother? (See)

            Guys, what will you do if you come back home and see your wife beating your mother like this?
22 Dec 2016

Recession?? Lady Rocks Dress Made Of Money To An Event (See Photo)

These ain’t real dollar bills tho, cause for this recession boys for pick am (i nor talk anything oo).. The unidentified lady decided to rock an outfit made completely out of US Dollars to an event. See
17 Dec 2016

Horrors from Hell: Meet the Family Which Has Been Terrorized by Evil Spirits for More Than 20 Years

A family has spoken out about the mysterious troubles they have had to face for more than two decades which have left them traumatized over the years. The native doctor shows the evil chicken she found. Photo by
17 Dec 2016

I Need a Man with a Huge Manh00d, Lagos Girl Cries Out… See Her Contact

A Nigerian lady based in Lagos is currently seeking a successful man with an extra ordinary size of manh00d for a serious relationship. The hook up session of relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has showcased a love request
16 Dec 2016

See shocking photos from the world’s most overcrowded jail

In the world’s most overcrowded jail, cells built for 30 people are crammed with up to 130 criminals. With barely any space to move, convicts can be seen glumly staring from behind bars as every inch of